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If your home is located in Palestine, Texas, come check out @Home Furnishings today. We have hundreds of furniture, appliances, decor, and more! We are committed to helping locals turn houses into homes, and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect novelties. Let’s transform your home into a place that you never want to leave, or that you are ready to show off to your guests. If you have been thinking about that coffee table for months, now is the time to get it. Our salesmen will make that journey as smooth as possible!

Why Shopping Local Is the Way to Go

There’s magic in helping our neighbors succeed or take that next big step. Furnishing a new home, or opening up a new business is a big commitment, and we can use all the local support. We care about our customers, and we want to see them return with new, bigger plans for their space. And we have the inventory to put those plans into action. Let’s grow Palestine together, and make it as homey as possible.

About Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas, is a relatively small town located in the Piney Woods. There are over 18,500 people residing there as of 2020. There is a lot of natural beauty and history to admire here and it’s a great place to live. Did you know that Texas’ first railroad was built here? There’s an entire museum dedicated to this railroad, and there’s even a train you can ride that will transport you to the 1920s. 

There are many historic buildings and local shops to browse around in, including @Home Furnishings. We are located in downtown Palestine– that’s right, in the heart of the vibrant town.

Let’s create your perfect home in Palestine, Texas, one piece of furniture at a time.

What We Can Offer the Piney Woods

@Home Furnishings offers hundreds of furniture options, decor, and appliances.
Our store is diversified, in order to meet all types of needs. 

Modern Furniture

We have all types of furniture, but we especially love to stay in tune with the trends. Browse around our aisles and take a look at our contemporary dining tables, couches, dressers, loveseats, and more!

Popular Decor

Is your home missing something? Is it missing that BAM? Maybe you need a mirror in the hallway, or maybe 5 of them…Is it too dark in the home office? We have plenty of table lamps to choose from. Sometimes we get stuck on the bigger picture when remodeling a home, we forget about the smaller details. But don’t worry. @Home Furnishings has thought of it all!


There’s nothing worse than having your refrigerator break down, or watching your dishwasher desperately finish its last round. Instead of reminiscing on what it could have been, it’s time to look into a newer, more reliable solution. @Home Furnishings carries washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, you name it. 

Feeling @ Home in Palestine, Texas

Everyone has a different version of home, and we want to help you fulfill that vision. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the perfect item to make your house feel more like home. Whether you have just bought a house for the first time, or you are renting your third apartment, we have the furniture and appliances you need to live comfortably.

Palestine, Texas, is a wonderful place to settle down at, and @Home Furnishings is here to make that transition as easy as possible. Come browse our aisles today. We are excited to meet you!

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